[Video] 2012 SBS Entertainment Awards- Teuk’s thank you speech

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121230 SBS Entertainment Awards, teuk’s thank you speech:

Teuk: Salute! I am Soldier Park Jungsoo! I was doing activities as Super Junior’s Leeteuk in the society! Firstly, thank you to SBS and the viewers for giving me such a great award! And also, I would like to thank the Ministry of National defence for allowing me to receive this award personally and the soldiers of the Korean Army who are having a hard time during this cold winter in order to protect our country, I would like to say thank you and I am proud! I would also like to thank [staffs names] and Strong Heart and Star King’s writers and staff members! I would like to sincerely thank Lieutenant Park Seunggwan who is here with me and the Super Junior members who are feeling the empty space that I left behind! And thank you to my fellow soldiers who are watching this on the TV! I am now in the midst of preparing for the musical that is for the 60th anniversary of the 6.25 Korean War “The Promise”!

Boom: Are you able to show us one part of the musical? Show it to the viewers?
Teuk: I hope that the viewers will come personally to watch!
[Then he starts to introduce the musical] Its a musical that you can watch with your family so I hope that you can give it lots of love! Even though I don’t know when the day 29th July 2014 will come but I will come back as a even more handsome man! That’s all from Korea’s soldier, Park Jungsoo! Thank you! Salute!

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[Pictures] Teuk receiving SBS the Best Entertainer Awards

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kkyak~~Uncle Leeteuk!!! Meeting Uncle…Minha was so happy that she was hugging him and didn’t even know how to come down …”Minha-ya!you have to grow up prettily~”heukheukheuk …”yes~T.T” …Minha’s feelings about the surprise present~~

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