[Official] Kang Sora’s New Year 2013 video

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1/1/2013 Kang Sora’s tweet:
새해복많이 받으세요! 모두모두 행복하시길!

Trans: Happy New Year! All..all, be happy!” or “Happy New Year! Everybody..everyone, be happy!

Trans by Hiedi


[Dema Club] Park Jung Su sends New Year greetings to fans!

Since his enlistment in the army, Leeteuk has still remain in the spotlight with him being casted in the musical ‘The Promise’.

Now, the leader of Super Junior is sending his New Year greetings to all fans already!a-shwj_ciaa_9vh

The translation of the greetings are :
I am soldier Park JungSoo!! 2012 is coming to an end well, I hope for only good things to happen in 2013.

Now, he has really put us in a New Year mood!

Photo Credit : Dema Club
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