[KM official pictures] Kang Sora birthday fans meeting on 17/2/2013 (update)

gallery00346 gallery00360
gallery00403 gallery00402 gallery00401 gallery00400 gallery00399 gallery00398 gallery00397 gallery00396 gallery00395 gallery00394 gallery00393 gallery00392 gallery00391 gallery00390 gallery00389 gallery00388 gallery00387 gallery00386 gallery00385 gallery00384 gallery00383 gallery00381 gallery00380 gallery00379 gallery00378 gallery00377 gallery00376 gallery00375 gallery00374 gallery00373 gallery00372 gallery00371 gallery00370 gallery00369 gallery00368 gallery00367 gallery00366 gallery00365 gallery00364 gallery00363 gallery00362 gallery00361  gallery00359 gallery00358 gallery00357 gallery00356 gallery00355 gallery00354 gallery00353 gallery00352 gallery00351 gallery00350 gallery00349 gallery00347
(Remark: Sora’s birthday cake from TSL)
gallery00333 gallery00334 gallery00345 gallery00344 gallery00343 gallery00342 gallery00341 gallery00340 gallery00339 gallery00338 gallery00337 gallery00336 gallery00335
Source: http://www.kangsora.kr/

Sora’s tweet pictures on 17/2/2013
(Sora Angel Logo with T-Shirt from Baidu Sora Tieba)


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