[Sora Birthday Project] Mango Tree Donation from TSL and TSW

Sora Birthday 2013 - Mango Wreaths Project 130112_english[Sora Birthday Project – Mango Tree Donation]
from TSL, TSW update on 12th January 2013
(Wallpaper credit from TSW)
Our dear Sora’s birthday is coming soon.
TSL, TSW now organizing a Mango Tree Donation project to celebrate Sora’s birthday.

We are going to send mango tree wreaths instead of customary flower bouquets to a celebrity’s event
in order to show Korea, Worldwide support for Sora.
Mango wreath sample from Dreame: https://dreame.co.kr:127/goods_detail.php?goodsIdx=2449

Why we chose of Mango Tree donation, please see the following story:
manggo 1
Mango tree is the hope.

One hundred mango trees in the republic of south Su-dan in Africa,
can help one hundred sixty five peoples beling relieved of stravation in South Su-dan.
( 33 families = 165 ppls)

One mango tree is the biggist present which it can make change Su-dan people ‘s life.
The effect of mango tree
* children food supplements ,children nutritional supplements
* earning money through the selling in the market
* providing a learning place under the cool shadow
* prevention of desertification

manggo4* Explanation about the republic of SuDan from South Africa *

1 MANGO TREE cost USD15.55 (no maximum quantity each individual fan can donate)
TSW will collecting 100 mango trees donation only.

Deadline for donation on 31st January 2013
(Please note TSW will stop collecting the donation from worldwide when we reached 100 trees already)

Let’s do it! We are waiting for you! Please contact us for donation or enquiries now!
e-mail: teuksoraworldwide@gmail.com
twitter: @TeukSoraWorld
wordpress: https://teuksoraworldwide.wordpress.com

* We now announce the details of the contact persons of individual participating countries for fans
and they wil transfer the donation from them to Dreame, and TSW wil combine the orders.
Fans may then contact these helpers for the submission of donation.
1) Hong Kong & China – Hele, twitter: @HeleChui
e-mail: helechuihehehe@hotmail.com
2) Indonesia – Natali, twitter: @KSora_IFC
e-mail: 1nat90@gmail.com
3) Malaysia – Peishi, twitter: @peishi0408
e-mail: peishi0408@gmail.com
4) Singapore – Mieru, twitter: @33ru_mieru
e-mail: fightingdimples@gmail.com
5) USA – Dorothy
e-mail: dorothy.advincula@gmail.com
6) Taiwan – Dale, e-mail: dada0122@hotmail.com
7) If below haven’t collector from your own country, please contact TSW
e-mail: teuksoraworldwide@gmail.com
twitter: @TeukSoraWorld

Please see our update from @TeukSoraWorld or https://teuksoraworldwide.wordpress.com

If you have any problem, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Thank you very much.

P.S. TSW will stop collecting the donation from worldwide when we reached 100 trees already

Best Regards,

TeukSora Worldwide (TSW)


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