[Official] Kang Sora’s fans meeting notice

Photo cr: blog.naver.sepia 20130101-192710.jpg
Source: http://www.kangsora.kr

Trans: Sora’s fanmeeting notice~

To all fans who love Kang Sora,
The new year of 2013 would come soon,
Wish you all may have a happy and exciting year ahead.

In the new year, Kang Sora will turn 24-years old.
Since her debut, she didn’t have any decent birthday party.
And fans might feel a little disappointed and empty.
Therefore, in 2013, we’ll try to arrange a small and low-key first fanmeeting around the time of Sora’s birthday.
The planned schedule and venue are on Friday evening of 15th February at somewhere in Seoul. (Still not finalized yet)
Those who are willing to attend, if you verify your attendance via email, further confirmation will be notified to you.

The request application period: 1 January 2013 until midnight 10 January 2013 (10 days)
Sent the email to: taing90@naver.com
Contents to be included along with the request: Names, phone number, email, the number of person who’s applying to attend (if you’re planning to go together with the company of others)

Trans by Hiedi


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