[News] Super Junior’s Leeteuk plays the role of Miss Kim in The Promise



Super Junior’s Leeteuk recently talked about his appearance in the musical The Promise.

On December 27, Leeteuk attended a press conference for the musical and said, “I’m Park Jung Soo, pvt. in the Korean Army. I used to perform as Leeteuk of Super Junior in society.” Leeteuk looked like a strict soldier but his tone sounds like an MC and it made people laugh.

He added, “The musical was created to remember the Korean War and the veterans. I think it will be a mirror for many friends and children.”

Leeteuk also talked about his role in the musical. “I play the role of Miss Kim, who grew up in the family full of women. So he is girly and sensitive.” He made people laugh by saying, “I think he is a lot like me.”

The musical is conducted by the Ministry of National Defense, Headquarter of the Army, and Korea Musical Theatre Association to celebrate the 60th anniversary of having a truce since the Korean War. It takes place during the Korean War and is about veterans who sacrifice themselves to protect the country and people.

Besides Leeteuk, Kim Moo Yeol, Ji Hyun Woo, Jung Yoon Hak, Lee Hyun, and Park Sun Woo will appear in the musical, which will start performing on January 9 at the National Theater in Seoul.

Credit: http://en.korea.com/blog/enter/tv/super-juniors-leeteuk-plays-the-role-of-miss-kim-in-the-promise/

Original Source: http://tvreport.co.kr/cindex.php?c=news&m=newsview&idx=294620


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