Merry Christmas and Happy New Year~!

[Christmas Project with WGM Facts]
Thank you very much for sharing with us~! ^^
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year~!
Canada Montreal by Zainab T
Chinachem by HeleChui
England by Dale Chou
Fanling by HeleChui
France Paris by Tiphanie
Harbour City  - Toy Story by HeleChui
Harbour City by HeleChui
Indonesia Yogyakarta by  Faniez
Japan Tokyo Disney Sea by Roco
Korea Seoul by Joanne Ho
Langham Place by HeleChui
Lok Fu Plaza by HeleChui
Malaysia by Layla
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur by Wai Ling
Maritime Square by HeleChui
New Town Plaza by HeleChui
Olympian City by HeleChui
Pacific Place by HeleChui
ShenZhen by HeleChui
Taiwan by Dale Chou
Telford Plaza by HeleChui
Time Square by HeleChui
Tsuen Wan Plaza by HeleChui
APM by HeleChui
1881 by HeleChui
Grand Century Place by HeleChui


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