[Pictures] 12/12/06 Army training graduation – Congratulation Jung Su

Photo Cr: as tag

(Original photo, Park Jung Su leader was standing in front of soldiers)697772805
(Zoom in)
#85 Park Jung Su
(Original picture)
(Zoom in of Jung Su’s cabinet)
What it says on Teuk’s cabinet?
Trans: #85 Park Jungsu | Army Life Goal: Humbly do best / Future Dream: Living Happy / Life Motto: Effort and Time will not betray life
[Trans by NKsubs]
(Photos Cr: Fuchoin_ and the list Cr: PJS_LHJ)

Park Jung Su is not only the leader of the new soldiers at the graduation ceremony, but also one of the five medal winners because of his outstanding performance in shooting training! Park Jung Su was the only soldier who was invited to come on stage for words of thanks (his sense of variety did not got carried away at all)! Although he looked thinner and darker, Park Jung Su was still the most handsome guy among those who were present.
Get well soon, and work hard on your musical! Fighting~!
Cr: Teukbar (Trans by Hanyissi)


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