[Official Pictures] 2012 MBC Drama Awards – Kang Sora

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[Interview] SBS’s Good Morning – Lee Teuk

SBS Good Morning interview

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[Pictures] Teuk receiving SBS the Best Entertainer Awards

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kkyak~~Uncle Leeteuk!!! Meeting Uncle…Minha was so happy that she was hugging him and didn’t even know how to come down …”Minha-ya!you have to grow up prettily~”heukheukheuk …”yes~T.T” …Minha’s feelings about the surprise present~~

Photo and tweet by Pure_Minha
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[Video + Pictures] MBC Entertainment Awards, Teuk and Sora’s thank you speech

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Super Junior’s Leeteuk received the ‘Popularity Award‘ at the ‘2012 MBC Entertainment Awards‘ held on the 29th.

Although he was unable to attend the ceremony due to his military duties, Leeteuk gave his congratulatory speech through a special video clip.

Leeteuk introduced himself with his real name, Park Jung Soo, and was congratulated by fellow enlisted celebrities Jung Tae Woo, Kim Moo Yeol, and Ji Hyun Woo.

Leeteuk stated, “I thank the viewers for giving a lacking person like me this big award. I want to thank the staff of ‘We Got Married‘.” He also greeted his on-screen wife Kang Sora and shared, “Sora ya~ I hope you’re doing well. Don’t get nervous because it is a live broadcast and do well. You are coming to visit, right? I sincerely thank you all for giving me the ‘Popularity Award’.”

Congratulations Leeteuk! Watch his congratulatory speech!

Source: http://www.allkpop.com/2012/12/super-juniors-leeteuk-receives-popularity-award-and-sends-a-special-greeting-video-to-the-mbc-entertainment-awards

Translation of Sora’s thank you greeting:

Q. Lee teuk got prize with you. How do you feel now?
A. Fisrt of all, really congratulation. I think it’s more meaningful because oppa is in army. I will send him a letter soon.

Q. Will you visit him?
A. I heard it is not good to visit him when he is first class or private and he have to be at least corporal or sergeant not to be threatened when I visit him. So I’m gonna think of it after oppa become more higher position.

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Sweetest commitment of Dimple Couple after their exit from WGM.

특: 소라야 면회 올꺼지 (Teuk: Sora, you will come to visit me, right?)
라: 일병 이등병 때 (면회를)가면 안 좋다 들어서 병장이 되면 갈 생각이다 (Sora: I’ve heard that it is not good to visit you as a private first class soldier. I am considering to visit you when you have been promoted to a corporal.)

Extracted from Teuk’s video message and Sora’s address after receiving the Popularity Award.

Trans by Hanyissi