Sora proof photos of TeukSora Worldwide fans rice wreath 19th Sept 2012

(19th September 2012)
TSL privately talked to Sora about TeukSora Worldwide fans rice wreath and TSL social donation to Hanbit after finishing her autograph sessions for fans.
So TSL can get her confirming  autograph & photos.
She very much happy and thanks for it. ^^
We can see the attaching photos in her own handwriting & with double v as Hele asked for.
(Thank you very much for TSL great help to TeukSora World fans)

Placard wrote:
특강 커플 1주년 축하 (Congratulation of TeukSora couple’s 1st anniversary)
이특-강소라 응원 (Cheering for Lee Teuk -Kang Sora )
드리미 1,250kg 응원 (Cheering by Dreame rice  1,250 kg)
이특-강소라 (Lee Teuk – Kang Sora)
한빛맹아원 (HanBit blind-dumb kindergarten -home)



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