[Rice Wreaths Project] Dreame will send 1250kg of rice to HanBit at 10:00am on 19th Sept, 2012


[Teuk & Sora 1st year anniversay – Rice Wreaths Project]

Thank you once again for your enthusiastic participation in our
TeukSora 1st anniversary rice wreath donation project.
As you may be aware, we have been successfully pooled a total
of 1250kg of rice during the 17-day donation period.

Our agent, Dreame, will send the rice to HanBit blind & dumb
kindergarten-home at 10:00am on 19th Sept., 2012 (tomorrow).

This beneficiary is chosen as per the suggestion of TSL (Korea),
as its “HanBit voice quartet” appeared in Leeteuk’s Star King
three years ago and touched Leeteuk’s heart with the children’s
beautiful singing*.

As TSL (Korea) will also carry out a social donation ceremony
at HanBit tomorrow, so they have kindly agreed to help us take
proof photos of our donated rice. We will post the photos here
once we have received them. We are grateful to TSL (Korea)
who has provided many useful advices to us during the period.

Lastly, we would like to thank every fighting dimples again for
your generous support in the project!

* You may learn more about HanBit blind & dumb kindergarten
-home website by visiting

Special Thanks:
– Lee Teuk & Sora
– TSL (Korea)
– Dreame
– Fighting Dimples
– Dimple Couple Lovers International
– All volunteers.of this project

Thank you very much~! ^^

Thanks & Best Regards,
Hele / PeiShi

TeukSora Worldwide


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