[Notice] Donation date and location of Rice Wreaths Project


[Dimple Couple 1st year anniversary – Rice Wreaths Project]

Re: Donation date & location

Now, our donation date will be  on 19th September, 2012( next Wednesday) at 10:00am, location HanBit blind & dumb kindergarten-home.

TSL (Korea) suggestion: [We will try to donate to ” HanBit blind & dumb kindergarten-home ” which ” HanBit voice quartet” has belonged to – We watched on TV ” HanBit voice quartet ” appeared on Starking three years ago.

Teuk appeared as a guest of Starking that day and we knew he moved to cry with their beautiful singing. So this is the reason why we choose this organization.]

And TeukSora Worldwide chose this organization too.

HanBit blind & dumb kindergarten-home

Special Thanks to TSL (Korea), Dreame, Fighting Dimples, DC Lover International, all volunteers.of this project.

Thank you very much!
Thanks & Regards,
Hele / Peishi

TeukSora Worldwide


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