[Dimple Couple 1st year anniversary – Rice Wreaths Project]

Image[Dimple Couple 1st year anniversary – Rice Wreaths Project]

update on 3rd September 2012

Our lovely Dimple Couple’s 1st year anniversary is coming soon.

We are organizing a rice wreath project to celebrate Dimple Couple’s 1st year anniversary.

What is a rice wreath? Quote from allkpop news:


“These days, Korean fandoms send ‘rice wreaths’ instead of customary flower bouquets

to a celebrity’s event (concert, musical, or press conference) in order to show their support

for their favorite stars.”

“While the messages drew much amusement, the general public seems to approve of this new

show of dedication, as it displays a more mature fandom culture. Fans are not only supporting

their favorite star, but they’re also helping out rice farmers and people in need with their

donations. Thus, sending just one rice wreath to express love for a celebrity is also a mark of

being socially conscious.”

That means the rice will be donated to a charity organization under Lee Teuk & Sora’s name.

The rice will bedonated as “Rice of Charity” to a charity organization in need, which will be decided

soon. You can visit this website http://dreame.co.kr/en/ for more detail about rice wreaths.

Now, we would like to invite all Dimple Couple fans to join this project and show your love and support

to our Dimple Couple.

According to the website of Dreame, 20kg of rice wreath worths USD 55. We hope to donate 500kg

of rice, which will cost about USD 1321. All the donors’ names and countries will be displayed on the


The maximum quantity each individual fan can donate will be 1 pack of 20kg of rice, which cost USD55

(We will considering the special request of quantity)

Or you may invite your friends to pool the donation of 1 pack.

(Please note that the abovementioned USD55/20kg has not include paypal or bank surcharges)

Deadline for donation: 11:59pm (KST) on 15th September 2012

(But the deadline may be adjusted, depends on exact date of Lee Teuk’s enlistment)

Let’s do it! We are waiting for you! Please contact us for donation or enquiries now!

e-mail: teuksoraworldwide@gmail.com

twitter: @HeleChui / @peishi0408

A) Our Paypal account for collecting the donation of the rice wreaths is peishi0408@gmail.com

(Please send e-mail to teuksoraworldwide@gmail.com with “your name, amount, country name & capture

the receipt” after you have transferred the donation to us)

B) We now announce the details of the contact persons of individual participating countries for fans

who do not have paypal accounts / credit card.

Fans may then contact these helpers for the submission of donation.

1) Hong Kong & China – Hele, twitter: @HeleChui , QQ: 917672050

e-mail: helechuihehehe@hotmail.com

2) Indonesia – Natali, twitter: @KSora_IFC

e-mail: fightingdimplee@yahoo.co.id

3) Malaysia – Peishi, twitter: @peishi0408

e-mail: teuksoraworldwide@gmail.com

4) Singapore – Mieru, twitter: @33ru_mieru

e-mail: fightingdimples@gmail.com

5) USA – Dorothy

e-mail: dorothy.advincula@gmail.com

6) Taiwan – DaDa, e-mail: dada0122@hotmail.com

(Please send e-mail to teuksoraworldwide@gmail.com with “your name, amount, country name & capture

the receipt” after you have transferred the donation to us)

Please see our update on helechuihehehe.wordpress.com

If you have any problem, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you very much.

P.S. As the exact date of Lee Teuk’s enlistment is still not confirmed,

we can only try our best endeavour to send the rice wreaths before Lee Teuk’s enlistment.

Best Regards,

HeleChui / PeiShi

TeukSora Worldwide

DC Lovers International + Fighting Dimples


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